from Washington School

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Dear Bethlehem Lutheran Congregation,

Thank you for once again providing school supplies and cereal boxes for our needy students. Thank you also for the $50 check to be used to purchase additional supplies. You are such a blessing to our school.

Thanks Again
Sue Runkle

from Our Saviour's L.C. - Rocky Boy

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Thank you for your donation of $55.00 on 7-13-19. We are grateful to you for your support. May God continue to bless you and richly as you have blessed the people of Our Saviour's Lutheran Church. Please know that we will keep you in our prayers.

The Congregation of Our Saviour's L.C. - Rocky Boy

First Sunday Special November

The free-will offering collected during the between-services social hour will go towards the insurance deductible. Every dollar you give will effectively be matched by $29 from our insurance to repair hail damage on the church building, the parsonage, the garage and one of the sheds.

Christikon Annual Meeting, November 3rd

Lutheran Bible Camp, Inc (Christikon) Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 3rd @3:30pm at Big Timber Lutheran Church.Registration and refreshments begin at 3:00pm. As a member congregation we can send three lay delegates and our pastor. This four will have voice and vote. Additional interested people may attend and will have voice.

Reminder about Special Giving

Our special offerings for October help homeless teens through the Tumbleweed program. In November, our special offerings are matched by Town Pump and support the Food Bank. The HUB is up for December. Special offerings given on the first Sunday of the month go to Youth Group and the General Fund (25/%/75% split).

Family Promise Hosting

Typically, we have two people stay overnight with the families when it is our turn. The families feel safer when one volunteer is male and one is female. Also, volunteers are protected from the potential for false accusation when two are present. We have one man signed up for Sunday night. We need another volunteer for Sunday night and two volunteers for Monday night. It’s super easy and it’s rewarding. You can make a difference in the effort to end homelessness.

Trunk or Treat


 October 26, 2019 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, we will be hosting a Trunk or Treat in the church parking lot. Decorate your trunk and join us (in costume) to hand out candy to our neighborhood children. Donations of candy are also needed along with participants in the trunk or treat. Come join us in celebrating Halloween and making this a memorable time for the kids once again. Contact me – Jessie Hanna – with any questions! (598-7322)


Highlights of Bethlehem's WELCA meeting on September 19th

  • Thank Offering will be November 10th
  • Dimes from Pools of Living Waters goes to suicide prevention and disaster relief
  • The same board member have been re-elected
  • Next meeting: November 21st @ 7p



October Birthdays

Jim Reindollar5
Marlys Hogg15
Berkleigh DeHoyos17
Katherine Brodersen18
Cindy Burns20
Joan Heser31


2019 Church Council

Pr. Jean Hay - 696-9586
Margie Shea - Council President - 671-1514‬
Casey Anguiano - Council Vice President - 534-2198‬
Johnna Voto - Secretary - 670-1370‬
Darlene Fernelius - Treasurer - 652-2356‬
Jerry Bauck - Council Member - 248-7946
Gayle Breding - Council Member - 694-4242
Dave Brockman - Council Member - 927-5729
Dennis McCave - Council Member - 702-4983‬
Jessie Hanna - Alternate - 598-7322‬ 

Bethlehem's Core Identity

Our Mission

Welcome everyone to the love of God.

Our Vision

  • Recognize and embrace our strengths as a Christ-centered community while seeking to meet our financial obligations, understanding that we are in the world but not of it. 
  • Seek to maintain our positive culture while also growing in cultural diversity, and broadening our reach to members of all ages. 
  • Increase transparency regarding the business side of being a church, increase communication, community ties and benevolence within and outside the congregation. 

All Are Welcome

Christ has welcomed us, whoever we are. Because of this, we at Bethlehem Lutheran Church are glad to welcome you. None of the distinctions that divide our world apply here!

  • young, old or in between;
  • white, black, native, Hispanic, whatever your ancestry;
  • married, single, divorced, a single parent, whatever your family of choice;
  • rich, poor, middle class, employed or unemployed;
  • a lifelong Christian, just now seeking faith, or not really sure;
  • straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, questioning, however you identify;
  • healthy of mind and body, living with mental illness, disabled or sick;
  • struggling with addiction, in recovery, or if you love those who are;
  • liberal, conservative, or ambivalent;
  • homeless, a former convict, or in any way longing for acceptance. 

At Bethlehem, we offer safety, love and the ministry of Word and Sacrament to everyone who seeks it.  Come and be part of this welcome, as equal, as free, as a beloved child of God!  All ARE welcome!  

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