Pastor's Letter

Greetings Brother, Sisters, Siblings in Christ,

Pentecost and the summer season are fast approaching. What a great time to make ourselves more visible to the people around us and to each other. Just being outside turns out to be a great way to build community, and we have many opportunities to do so as the weather becomes more favorable.

People stop to chat when someone is pulling weeds or tending the for-the-community garden. Neighborhood children love the old fashion push mower. What would happen if we started hosting Sunday fellowship outside between services?

The perennial question of changing service times seems to come up each year when summer approaches. Increasing opportunities for fellowship is often lifted up as a benefit of having one service in the summer. Cost savings is also presented as a benefit. I know it is counter-intuitive, but changing the schedule of services, even going from two services to one, has hidden costs which exceed the visible savings. Increased fellowship, however is something we can encourage for free.

I invite you to linger after the early service, come early for the late service, meet with one another and enjoy the beautiful weather together.

Pr. Jean


Help Lead Worship

Contact: Pr Jean -
Having the sign-up sheets for worship hanging in the narthex does not seem to be working well, as you can see in Worship Leader’s Schedule for June. Inviting people to volunteer for specific roles on specific dates has worked for the 10:30 am service in the past. As an added bonus, it gives me (Pr. Jean) an excuse to call and talk to you more often. The majority of people, who attend the 8:30 am service regularly, have stated a preference for self-organizing immediately before the service. We’ll leave the sign-up sheets in the narthex and I’ll also go back to inviting individuals to help lead the 10:30 am service.


Christikon - Adult Volunteer Opportunity

Contact: Pr Jean

We'll be sending three High School youth to Christikon this summer. Many churches also send adults who are involved with youth activities. They stay in the lodge, may bring their own food and/or eat with the campers, and are invited to participate in as they wish. Some also bring their young children. There is no fee and it's a great investment in our youth.


Another Voice

Contact: Pr Jean

Pastor Jean has participated in the past two episodes of the show "Another Voice" which airs on Community Seven Television. To watch online go to their website: https://www.comm7tv.com and check the archive.


For-the-Community Garden

Contact: Pr Jean -

Everyone is welcome to sow, tend and reap from the For-the-Community Garden at anytime. Jeanne Weber and Pastor have started and plan to make Wednesday a regular tend the garden day. Come join in the fun, the more the merrier! It's more of an iced-tea and cookies affair than a forced labor, blood, sweat and tears kind of deal.

The seed potatoes and some herbs are in. The tomato and onion seedlings are spending more time ourside each day in preparation for planting and the three-sisters garden is ready for the corn seeds.

Summer Lawn and Landscape Care

Contact: Johnna Voto

The church's neighbor has been mowing our lawn on Sunday afternoons. He does a beautiful job, but it hardly seems right to leave our work to someone else. Would you be willing to mow by Saturday afternoon?

Someone suggested a sign-up sheet for snow removal last winter and that seems like a good idea for summer outside stuff too. The idea is that people take turns, a month at a time, to take responsibility for noticing how things look and inviting volunteers as needed. Also, people are invited to sign-up for the jobs they would enjoy, or at least be willing to do, if called upon.

Gather Bible Study, Circle June 13th, 12:30p

Contact: Marlys Hogg
 The book of Esther is one of the latest writings of the Old Testament, perhaps written to inspire Jews who had been scattered in the diaspora. The narrative takes place in the court of the King of Persia, King Ahasuerus. Some think that it was written to explain and establish the Jewish festival of Purim.

This three session-study is brought to us by Kay Ward, a bishop of the Moravian Church who lives at Marquardt Manor, a Moravian retirement community in Watertown, Wisconsin. She continues to serve in ministry as a pastor to pastors and intercessor for the church. Before retiring from the staff of Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, she served in team ministry with her husband, Aden. Kay was the first woman to be elected a bishop in the 541 years of the Moravian Church (the Unitas Fratrum).

June Birthdays

Joe Splinter5
Abigail Anguiano6
Charles Peterson9
Cheryl Knepper10
Ruth Hay15
Jeanne Weber18
Kelley Hogg23
Gwen McClanahan25
Barbara Bohle28


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Council Updates

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2019 Church Council

Pr. Jean Hay - 696-9586
Margie Shea - Council President - 671-1514‬
Casey Anguiano - Council Vice President - 534-2198‬
Johnna Voto - Secretary - 670-1370‬
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Bethlehem's Core Identity

Our Mission

Welcome everyone to the love of God.

Our Vision

  • Recognize and embrace our strengths as a Christ-centered community while seeking to meet our financial obligations, understanding that we are in the world but not of it. 
  • Seek to maintain our positive culture while also growing in cultural diversity, and broadening our reach to members of all ages. 
  • Increase transparency regarding the business side of being a church, increase communication, community ties and benevolence within and outside the congregation. 

All Are Welcome

Christ has welcomed us, whoever we are. Because of this, we at Bethlehem Lutheran Church are glad to welcome you. None of the distinctions that divide our world apply here!

  • young, old or in between;
  • white, black, native, Hispanic, whatever your ancestry;
  • married, single, divorced, a single parent, whatever your family of choice;
  • rich, poor, middle class, employed or unemployed;
  • a lifelong Christian, just now seeking faith, or not really sure;
  • straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, questioning, however you identify;
  • healthy of mind and body, living with mental illness, disabled or sick;
  • struggling with addiction, in recovery, or if you love those who are;
  • liberal, conservative, or ambivalent;
  • homeless, a former convict, or in any way longing for acceptance. 

At Bethlehem, we offer safety, love and the ministry of Word and Sacrament to everyone who seeks it.  Come and be part of this welcome, as equal, as free, as a beloved child of God!  All ARE welcome!  

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