Get Involved

 Opportunities to get involved at BLC!
• Ministry Calendar: Every month a ministry calendar is made available for volunteers to participate in our church services. Won’t you consider signing up to be:
o A Greeter: You will greet people as they come in & make them feel welcome. If they are visiting, they may need help getting to the sanctuary. At second service, please let them know they are welcome to come down for coffee hour. We also have a guest book that they can sign in. Blank name tags are available for guests, if they so choose.
o An Usher: One of the usher’s main duties is to count the number of people at each service and record it on the board in the narthex. The usher(s) passes around the collection trays during offering. The usher(s) direct the congregation up to communion, pew by pew.
o A Reader: You will read the First Lesson and Second Lesson (if a Youth Reader has not volunteered) in front of the congregation. Often, this includes reading the Psalm responsively with the congregation. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the readings as some names of people or places may need practice. In the weekly email, the next Sundays lessons are made available.
o A Youth Reader: You will read the Second Lesson, which is from the New Testament, in front of the congregation. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the readings as some names of people or places may need practice. In the weekly email, the next Sundays lessons are made available.
o A Reader of the Prayers: You will read the prayers of the church in front of the congregation. If you arrive a few minutes prior to church you can check for any words you might want to ask about for pronouncing.
o Communion Assistant: There are typically two communion assistants as well as a youth assistant (see below). One assistant, follows Pastor will the individual cups, saying “Blood of Christ, Shed for You” (or similar wording). The outer rings are red wine, with the inner rings being white grape juice (for those that desire or require that option). The other assistant, seeing an individual cup has not been taken, offers the Chalice of wine, and saying “Blood of Christ, Shed for You,” (or similar wording). After the recipient has drank from the cup, wipe with the cloth and rotate for the next person.
o A Youth Communion Assistant: Usually, you will collect the used communion cups using a tray. During communion, it is important not to talk too much, as not to disrupt the experience.
o Coffee Hour Host: Coffee hour is an important part of our fellowship here at Bethlehem. You may choose to serve whatever you would like for food…as long as there is coffee (regular & decaf) as well as hot water and a child-friendly beverage (water, punch, juice, etc). Please consider that we do have members that are gluten-free, while other members may be watching their blood sugar and other members may abstain from eating animal products.
o Flowers: By the congregation signing and paying for the alter flowers, we can eliminate this expense from the budget and still enjoy the beauty of nature. The sign up chart is in the Narthex. We currently work on a two week display period, were the flowers are taken home on the 2nd week. Each bouquet is $20 and can be paid by designating “flowers” on your check’s memo line and/or on the offering envelope.
• Get Involved with a committee! Most church council members have a committee that requires extra involvement.
o Worship & Music: Pam Gum. They meet monthly to plan worship services.
♣ Altar Guild
♣ Do you play an instrument or sing? Are you willing to share your talent? Let us know!
o Education: Jerry Bauck/Pastor Jean. Our Christian Education is very important to us here at Bethlehem! Sunday School typically follows the school season (off in the summer months) and uses the Spark Curriculum. During the summer, join us for Vacation Bible School (VBS). If you are interested in helping teach Sunday School or Adult Forum, let Jerry know. Can you provide a meal for Youth Faith Formation (Confirmation)?
o Youth Group: Casey Anguiano. The fellowship of the youth is open to all ages! Activities are posted in the newsletter, bulletins, Facebook and our website.
o Fellowship: Barb Bohle & Norma Severance. Food is always a good way to bring people together. But we don’t just eat…volunteers are so important to insure the success of an event. Please consider helping plan, decorate, shop, set-up, and/or clean-up at an event.
o Property: Johnna Voto. There is usually always something to do around the church to keep it maintained and inviting. Won’t you consider helping with weeding, general cleaning, taking paper & cardboard to be recycle & more? Or perhaps you see something that needs doing and you have the skill set to do it?
o Outreach: Shellie DeHoyos. We are always trying to help the community of Billings and beyond, especially Washington Elementary School and Rocky Boy Indian Reservation.
♣ In the Loop
o Membership: Andrew Smith.
• Office Secretary. Can you volunteer your time to be present at the church to answer phones, etc?
• Council Member: Pastor Jean; Lynn Bulger, President; Andrew Smith, Vice President; Johnna Voto, Secretary; Darlene Fernelius, Treasurer. The council takes care of the business of the church and meets once a month (Currently on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 6:30pm).
• WELCA (Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America): Barb Bohle, President; Lynn Bulger, Vice President; Kay Hanson, Secretary.
o Ladies are welcome to one or both bible studies, Mary & Martha Circle & Naomi Circle. During the summer, Mary & Martha Circlee is on hiatus. Times & Dates are published in each newsletter as well as on our website.
o You may also consider volunteering at one of the fund-raisers put on each year to raise money for the ministry of church and support charities and non-profits. We often need workers to set-up, work or clean-up an event. We may also need donations of baked goods, raffle baskets, yard sale items, etc.
• All are Welcome: Paul Hanson. We are doing good at paying off our 20xx building extension. We can still use your finical support to get it paid off quicker. The second part is welcoming everyone to the love of God!
• Family Promise: Shellie DeHoyos. We have four commitments each year, which consist of two overnights and two evening meals (Currently on Sunday & Monday) as well as some laundry.
• Food Bank – All throughout the year, we collect food for the Billings Food Bank as well to distribute as needed in the community.
• Tumbleweed - All throughout the year, we collect food and other items for this organization that helps our at-risk youth and their families.
• Luther’s Lodge – (formally The Lutheran Center). Bethlehem does cleaning 1 month each year. Can you help with some light housekeeping?
• Community Garden – Get your hands dirty and provide tasty & healthy within the neighborhood.
• Monthly Special Offerings – Each month we designate a charity or non-profit to support. See this year’s schedule posted in the Narthex. Please be sure to designate the donation on your check’s memo line and/or on the offering envelope.
• Tithing/Offering (Current Expenses)
• Bring a friend to church service! All are Welcome!

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