JHay Our pastor is The Rev. Jean Hay. She has been with us since November 2016 and is a graduate of Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, MN. Prior to entering into ministry she served in the U.S. Air Force, and worked in the Aerospace, Banking and Legal industries. 

She and her wife, Jan, live in the parsonage with Ms Adelia the Bulldogge, Obiama the Ball Python and Ziva the Veiled Camelleon. Together, they have five grown children and three grandchildren, all of whom live in Minnesota.

How does Pastor Jean describe herself?

At twelve, I knew I wanted to be an engineer. By fifteen, I wanted to be an astronaut. And as a young writer of science fiction, I imagined bringing the bread and the wine beyond the limits of known space. I'm a child of the seventies, deeply influenced by Rachel Carson, "Free To Be You and Me", and the original Star Trek series.
Faith and science, care for creation, and a passion for social justice are at the heart of everything I do. Being an engineer, I often look 'inside' the physical world, picturing how things function. I imagine the mechanism behind the function. Similarly, I'm fascinated by our social world. What shapes our political structures? How can we improve upon the design? What outcomes might God be calling us to strive toward?


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