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2016 Property Committee Report

We have had to repair various things throughout the year. As things were pointed out, someone made sure it was taken care of.

We did have to replace the water heater in the parsonage prior to it being vacated by the renters. Just recently we did have to swap the washer and dryer out in the parsonage. Luckily we had 2 of each left in the basement by Family Promise. So it was an easy switch that did not cost us anything. Thank you to Pat and Barry Gum for helping Pastor Jean and Jan do the swap.

There were other things that needed to be taken care of in the parsonage prior to Pastor Jean and Jan’s arrival. The big thing was redoing the hardwood floors. There is still a possible water leak in the bathroom that is being monitored.

Also prior to Pastor Jean’s arrival holes in walls and ceilings were repaired and patched. The kitchen ceiling was painted as was the men’s restroom by the offices.

The primary office was moved down the hall for privacy issues as well as just a fresh start for everyone.

I would like to thank Dale Samsel, Dennis ))McCave((, Pat and Barry Gum and Casey Anguiano for all their help in getting the Church and Parsonage ready for Pastor Jean’s arrival. If I forgot someone I apologize, but also thank you.

Respectfully submitted
Johnna Voto, Property Committee Chair

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