Is the Church of the Holy Comforter your favorite Sunday morning spot?

Or maybe, Sunday morning is the only time the whole family can be in one place at one time.

Or, maybe you're not sure about this whole church thing. You want a relaxed atmosphere; a place you can ask honest questions; a safe place to be you.

Seekers & Skeptics is for you.

Upcoming Events

Wed Jan 24 06:00 pm
Youth Faith Formation
Thu Jan 25 07:00 pm
WELCA Business Meeting
Sun Jan 28


8:30 - 9:20 am First Service
9:30 - 10-20 am Learning Hour
10:30 - 11:30 am Second Service


Sun Jan 28 12:00 pm
Annual Meeting/Potluck
As Pastor mentioned before services on Sunday, although the council has worked diligently to prepare for the Annual Meeting, we recognized a process-related issue late Saturday and need to re-group. Stay tuned.
Wed Jan 31 06:00 pm
Youth Faith Formation