This Week at Bethlehem

Pastoral Musings

On Palm Sunday, we celebrate Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Metaphorically, we enter with Jesus and the disciples into Triduum, the Three Days prior to the resurrection. It's a difficult journey, best travelled together.
We'll celebrate with palms waving and glad music as we enter the sanctuary to hear the story. We'll read Luke 22:14 - 23:56 as a narrative play. You might enjoy reading it before church and hearing it and participating in the reading on Sunday morning.

GFW Pitcher Of Water 01 (BW) (Clip Art)


We'll gather again on Thursday, Maundy Thursday to celebrate the Last Supper, then strip the altar, just as the forces of the world stripped Jesus away from the disciples.

Icon1 Good Friday 04 (No Frame) (Clip Art)


Lonely and cold, we band together on Good Friday to celebrate the Passion of Christ — his powerful restraint and love for all of humanity and how it led to his death.


Icon4 Easter Vigil 01 Light (Color) (Clip Art)

 Bereft, we huddle around a fire, telling stories about our experiences of God in the world, bearing one another's burdens of grief. This is the Vigil of Easter, it begins darkly but ends with a great surprise. If you can only come to one of the services during the Three Days, come to this one.

We celebrate life while mourning death. We cherish the certain hope of new life in Christ. On Easter Sunday, we'll peer into the tomb — only to find it empty.

Palm Sunday

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 The voice of the suffering savior, Jesus, can be heard in the prophet Isaiah’s words and the pleading of the psalm. We are invited into the agony of our Lord in the extended reading of the story of Jesus’ passion. In the second reading, we who have put on Christ in holy baptism are urged to let the mind of Christ be our own. Lent leads us to this holy moment. Embrace it.


Hymns & Setting

WOV Setting Five: Bread of Life 
All Glory, Laud, and Honor (ELW 344)
Prepare the Royal Highway (ELW 264)
In the Cross of Christ I Glory (ELW 324)
Jesus, Remember Me (ELW 616)
Go to Dark Gethsemane (ELW 347)

Worship Leaders

4 Lnt4C WorshipLeaders 20190331  


We pray for Gwen McClanahan, Katherine Broderson, Arnie Uecker, Gayle Breding, Sharie Pyke, and for the following friends of the congregation Mick's sister, Jean Edwards; Marlys' brother and his wife, JD & Verona Sundseth; Marlys' brother, Doug Sundseth; Catherine Card's husband, Eric Halverson; Connie's daughter in law, Shelley Ruff; Jessie's extended family member, Liz; Gayle's friend, Lennie Haugh; Crystal West; Jennifer; Jenn; Carlene and Jared.

In our prayers around the Montana Synod, we lift up American Lutheran Church in White Sulphur Springs, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Townsend, Retired Deacon Judi Martin
and Retired Pastor David Curtright. As our Synod prepares to select a new bishop, let the presence of your Holy Spirit be felt and relied upon. Among the 65 synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we lift up the La Crosse Area Synod.

 In our prayers around the world, we lift up Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania. We give thanks for those who welcome newcomers and provide for them and others in need. We pray for better relationships among different ethnic groups and traditions.


Help Lead Worship - Set the Table (Sacristan/Altar Guild)

Contact: Pr Jean -

We are a liturgical church. This means we follow familiar patterns of prayer, readings and song. The word 'liturgy' means the work of the people. Worship is something we do together. We need you.
Please consider helping to set the table. The Altar Guild has a number of responsibilities. Essential they prepare the sanctuary for worship, setting the table, posting the hymns, adjusting banners and paraments for the season, and other duties as needed. For more information, please visit their page or talk to the person clearing the table after the service.


Free Farmers Market

Contact: Pr Jean -

CommunityGarden  We're excited for the new growing season and are hoping to get a head start.


Face to Face Faith Formation

Contact: Pastor.Jean

We will be hosting the Northern Rockies Institute of Theology (NRIT) Workshop Face to Face Faith Formation on Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 12:30pm to 4:00pm.
The class is hands on, offering ideas and resources for creating relationships and deepening faith formation in your congregations. Congregation members are especially invited to attend.


Annual Praise Luncheon

Contact: Darlene Fernelius
The First Presbyterian Women's Association will hold its 85th Annual Praise Luncheon at Noon on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 in the Fellowship Hall

The First Presbyterian Women's Association invites the women of Bethlehem to be their guests. They look forward to sharing food, fellowship, and an inspirational message. The speaker will be from the Billings School Backpack Program.

Please RSVP (yes or no) by April 10, 2019 with your reservations to Marlene Spencer, 252-5027 or Betty Ann Nesmith, 252-1863.


Contact Us

Pr. Jean Hay - 696-9586 
Margie Shea - Council President - 248-8168‬ 
Casey Anguiano - Council Vice President - 534-2198‬ 
Johnna Voto - Secretary - 670-1370‬ 
Darlene Fernelius - Treasurer - 652-2356‬ 
Jerry Bauck - Council Member - 248-7946 
Gayle Breding - Council Member - 694-4242 
Dave Brockman - Council Member - 927-5729 
Dennis McCave - Council Member - 702-4983‬ 
Barb Bohle - Alternate - 534-2097‬ 
Jessie Hanna - Alternate - 598-7322‬

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