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Sub-committee Description:

We are a congregation that firmly believes that God has accepted and welcomes us. Ushers bring a warm, friendly first impression to all who come to worship God in this place. Often that first impression stays with a visitor. This is an important ministry of warmth, joy, smiles, and service.

Sub-committee Policies Outlined:

  1. Ushers are trained by shadowing an experienced usher.
  2. Ushers are asked to follow the following protocol for services:
    1. Before services:
      1. Please arrive 20 minutes before the service
      2. Ensure the lights are turned on
      3. During warm weather, that the ceiling fan is on and windows are open
      4. During cooler weather, check and set the thermostat in the northwest Sunday School room to 65 degrees.
      5. Light the three alter candles 15 minutes before the service starts. You are encouraged to include children in this if they are available and interested. We typically light the candles in the following order:
        1. Easter candle
        2. Right-Hand altar candle
        3. Left-Hand altar candle
      6. Assemble the bulletins, if needed.
      7. Check the ministry calendar on the board in the narthex to see if someone needs to be asked to help with the offering or the distribution of communion. Three people are needed for communion, 2 adults and 1 youth if possible.
      8. Set bulletin table inside the main doors. Greet as people enter the church and hand out bulletins. Keep an eye on the circle drive, for those parishioners needing assistance.
    2. During the service:
      1. Following the sermon, usher take a count of those present (include pastor, musicians, and all in attendance). Record that number for the date and time on the form on the bulletin board in the narthex
      2. Offering is taken after the passing of the peace. Typically, two ushers pass the offering trays. Stand in the isle at the back of the church and the pastor will signal for the ushers to come forward to receive or deliver the trays.
      3. During Communion, Ushers direct people to the altar rail. Usually, eight (8) people per side. People can wait in line in the center isle at the front pew and fill in as people leave the table.
    3. After the service:
      1. Extinguish the 3 alter candles. You are encouraged to include children in this if they are available and interested. We typically extinguish the candles in the following order:
        1. Left-Hand alter candle
        2. Right-Hand alter candle
        3. Easter candle
      2. Close window after last service
      3. Check pew:
        1. for litter
        2. see that hymnals are in racks, facing the same direction
        3. pencils, cards, and envelops are present
      4. If used, turn off fan after last service
      5. Turn off all lights.
      6. After last service reset Sunday School thermostat to 60 degrees
      7. After last service lock exterior doors (please check all 4)

Budget or Other Needs: NA

Resources: This responsibility check-list should be sent out to all new ushers.

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