Worship Services

  • Word & Sacrament: We held twelve (12) regular services of Word & Sacrament. 
Andrew Smith, LPA, led worship May 18th & 19th.
  • Baptism: Jamie Weaver baptized May 5th
  • Confirmation: Johnna Voto, Ell Brockman, Chessica West, Morrgan Gibson-Boettcher and Skye Belobradic confirmed May 12th
  • Funeral(s) Gwen McClanahan, May 2nd ; Cynthia McCain, May10th
  • Clergy Text Study: Pr. Peggy Paugh-Leuzinger from the Synod office joined the May 7th  meeting to discuss collaboration in mission. As a side note, some of the discussion turned to Bethlehem specifically, the special nature of God’s mission for us, and the desire of the other congregations in the Beartooth and Shepherd clusters to help us that we may thrive.

Pastoral Care

Homebound Visits: Katherine Brodersen, Ida Mae Russell, and Arnie Uecker are currently on my list for monthly visits.

Social Justice - Community Engagement: 

  • “Another Voice” episode, aired May 30th.
  • I also attempted to meet with Tom Bonner of Love INC (In the Name of Christ) – will try to reconnect later in the summer.

Christian Education

Sunday School: I would like to explore multi-generational education.

Vacation Bible School: will I be called upon to open with prayer or other duties?

Adult Forums: have recommended and made available “Daily Discipleship” for use.

Bible Study: continue to meet Wednesday evenings @7p; always a great discussion

Continuing Education – I attended the Festival of Homiletics. It was a treat to hear excellent preachers and learn from them. Some of the highlights include

  • Hearing Barbara Lundblad preaching in the present tense; weaving a compelling narrative between scripture and our present realities.
  • Listening to Will Willimon talk about comedy and moral imagination – brought to life by entertaining and poignant personal stories.
  • Preaching as science fiction; social media (preaching in the digital age); and how Brené Brown’s research helps us preach.

Theological Study & Reading I picked up a number of books written by presenters at the Festival. I’m currently leafing through “Marking Time” and “Transforming Stone” by Barbara Lundblad, and “Living Water for Thirsty Souls” by Marvin McMickle. On the lighter side, I’ve been reading a book loaned by a member of the congregation: “Death in the Pines” by Thom Hartmann.

Church Business

I met with the LPA training cohort and attended the WELCA business meeting and bible study. Also attended the regular monthly meetings for worship & music planning and council.


An additional note about My Health: I experienced some chest pain and that gave me a bit of a scare. I checked out healthy; my primary care physician thinks it was due to muscle strain in my back from overuse.