Notes on the financials: In the newsletter, the “big 4” numbers are reported. A full copy of financials is available in the Congregation Notebook (located above the mail boxes).
1. Total Income is the reporting of all donations (including in-kind) & miscellaneous income for a particular month. Total Income includes any gifts that are given for a specific purpose (such as missions, memorials, flowers, etc.) 2. Total Expenses is expressed as a negative number as it shows all the bills that were paid that month. For some of these expenses, a special gift was given and these do not come out of our “Current Expenses.” 3. Net Income is the difference between the Total In- come and the Total Expenses. When the amount is a negative, there has not been enough money in to cover the items that need to be paid. 4. Cash Balance is the running total of Net Income. A negative amount does not mean the checking account is overdrawn; however, it does show a potential problem for the future. Currently, we are able to delay designated All Are Welcome funds to pay for general expenses. AAW funds are deposited to their own account as Income is available.