Invitation to Travel and Sing

King of Glory Lutheran Church choir is planning a trip in December of 2020 to Vienna, Austria to sing Beethoven's Ninth. We would like to invite choir members from all over town to attend. The concert will be on Dec. 16, 2020 and we will need to be there for most of the week before the concert. If you are interested in going on this great trip with us please contact John Haughey at johnhoy56 at me.com or call at (406) 671-4643.

First Sunday Special

November's First Sunday Special coffee hour and free-will offering raised $200 to be put toward the insurance deductable to repair hail damage to the church, parsonage and garage. Each month this event grows larger and helps us meet our basic operating expenses. Not glamorous but necessary. December's First Sunday special will go towards the electricity bill.

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