Do a DIY


Thank you, Johnna V & Denise B, for mowing the lawn in May and June.

John F, thank you for spraying the weeds in the front landscape.

Thank you, Jan H, Jeanne W and Lavonne R-G, for establishing the community garden.

Johnna V & Dale S, thank you for taking care of the damaged windows.

Current project needs:

  1. Plumbing issue, Men's Restroom
  2. Curb appeal
    1. Tending to the landscape at the corner of 10th St W and Saint Johns Ave
    2. Parking lot potholes
    3. Lawn Mowing
  3. Social Media, help strengthen our online presence


  1. Community garden
    1. Add a 4' x 8' raised bed.
    2. Set up rain barrels. This can help in two ways.It reduces our use of city water when we need to provide additional water to the garden. It may also reduce some of the moisture that seeps into the lower level.
  2. Children's Nursery
    1. Select a location
    2. Make it attractive and child-safe
    3. Add sound and possible video so parents and attendants can follow the service
  3. Multi-media Room
    1. Select a location
    2. Set up workstations and office equipment


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