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Pastoral Musings

Greetings to you, the priesthood of all believers. We, Bethlehem, have done some pretty amazing things since the first of us came together in the barn that was just on the other side of Central Ave.

Imagineers. That’s what Rob Wright, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, Georgia calls preachers, all of us who are the priesthood. We have an image of God and an imagination of what God can do with our hearts and minds, our hands and our wills. Seventy years ago, we imagined we could build a community where the outsider could find a home, realize the love of God and dream of sharing the Word in word and deed.

What dreams and visions is God giving us this day?

Sixth Sunday of Easter

6 Est6C CIcon
Visions abound in the readings for the sixth Sunday of Easter. Paul has a vision about what to do. John has a vision of what will be. The risen Lord Jesus provides visions of peace that passes human understanding and power beyond human imagination.

Readings and Psalm

Acts 16:9-15 Lydia and her household are baptized by Paul
Psalm 67 Let the nations be glad and sing for joy. (Ps. 67:4)
Revelation 21:10, 22--22:5 The Lamb is the light of the city of God
John 14:23-29 The Father will send the Holy Spirit

Daily Discipleship, A resource for Sunday's Readings 

Hymns & Setting

ELW Holy Communion Setting 10
God of Grace and God of Glory (ELW 705)
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light (ELW 815)
Calm to the Waves (ELW 794)
Be Thou My Vision (ELW 793)
In Christ There Is No East or West (ELW 650)

Worship Leaders

6 Est6C  WorshipLeaders 20190526  


Garage Sale

Contact: Church Council, WELCA

Thank you everyone for helping to make the garage sale was a success. It earned about $1,400. Special thanks to Rosalind Bulger, Lynn Bulger, Sharon King, Kay Hanson, Norma Severance, Marlys Hogg, Jessie Hanna and Darlene Fernelius.


Thank you, Department of Janitation!

Contact: Church Council

Next time you see Paul Hanson and Gary Koch, please join the council in thanking them for their diligent and regular cleaning of the church. Each week they vacuum the carpets, steam the entryway, take out the trash and do countless other odd jobs that keeps this house of worship a lovely place to gather.


Gather Bible Study, Circle June 13th, 12:30p

Contact: Marlys Hogg
 The book of Esther is one of the latest writings of the Old Testament, perhaps written to inspire Jews who had been scattered in the diaspora. The narrative takes place in the court of the King of Persia, King Ahasuerus. Some think that it was written to explain and establish the Jewish festival of Purim.

This three session-study is brought to us by Kay Ward, a bishop of the Moravian Church who lives at Marquardt Manor, a Moravian retirement community in Watertown, Wisconsin. She continues to serve in ministry as a pastor to pastors and intercessor for the church. Before retiring from the staff of Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, she served in team ministry with her husband, Aden. Kay was the first woman to be elected a bishop in the 541 years of the Moravian Church (the Unitas Fratrum).

Help Lead Worship

Contact: Pr Jean -
Having the sign-up sheets for worship hanging in the narthex does not seem to be working well, as you can see in Worship Leader’s Schedule for June. Inviting people to volunteer for specific roles on specific dates has worked for the 10:30 am service in the past. As an added bonus, it gives me (Pr. Jean) an excuse to call and talk to you more often. The majority of people, who attend the 8:30 am service regularly, have stated a preference for self-organizing immediately before the service. We’ll leave the sign-up sheets in the narthex and I’ll also go back to inviting individuals to help lead the 10:30 am service.


Summer Lawn and Landscape Care

Contact: Johnna Voto

Someone suggested a sign-up sheet for snow removal last winter and that seems like a good idea for summer outside stuff too. The idea is that people take turns, a month at a time, to take responsibility for noticing how things look and inviting volunteers as needed. Also, people are invited to sign-up for the jobs they would enjoy, or at least be willing to do, if called upon.


For-the-Community Garden

Contact: Pr Jean -

Everyone is welcome to sow, tend and reap from the For-the-Community Garden at anytime. Jeanne Weber and Pastor have started and plan to make Wednesday a regular tend the garden day. Come join in the fun, the more the merrier! It's more of an iced-tea and cookies affair than a forced labor, blood, sweat and tears kind of deal.

The seed potatoes and some herbs are in. The tomato and onion seedlings are spending more time ourside each day in preparation for planting and the three-sisters garden is ready for the corn seeds.

Pastor's Continuing Education

Contact: Pr Jean

The idea and how-to of Hosting Safe Conversations emerges as a strong common theme in three continuing education workshops I’ve attended recently.

The first workshop, Intent Based Leadership, talked about seeking all views of a topic and developing responses collectively. It also suggested encouraging dissenting views by separating the view from the person. They suggest having a randomly selected designated dissenter at each meeting.
Both the Face-to-Face Faith Formation and the Diversity Imperative workshops talked about ways to remove questions of right and wrong through story telling. Face-to-Face suggests using a host of impersonal but interesting pictures as a starting point for conversation. The idea is that a person selects a photo that resonates with a particular topic and shares why it resonates with them. Diversity pointed out a few ways we can be sensitive to topics that may feel threatening. For instance, talking about the experience of being different feels a lot safer than defending one’s worth as a person who is different.
This is just a quick teaser; I am excited about these ideas and look forward to trying them out together. Imagine how interesting our conversations can be.


Contact Us

Pr. Jean Hay - 696-9586 
Margie Shea - Council President - 248-8168‬ 
Casey Anguiano - Council Vice President - 534-2198‬ 
Johnna Voto - Secretary - 670-1370‬ 
Darlene Fernelius - Treasurer - 652-2356‬ 
Jerry Bauck - Council Member - 248-7946 
Gayle Breding - Council Member - 694-4242 
Dave Brockman - Council Member - 927-5729 
Dennis McCave - Council Member - 702-4983‬ 
Barb Bohle - Alternate - 534-2097‬ 
Jessie Hanna - Alternate - 598-7322‬

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